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Trash Chute Cleaning For Buildings

Trash Chute Cleaning


Whether you own or manage a condominium, apartment complex, or hotel, trash chutes are extremely important for the residents.  They also need to be serviced often for sanitary reasons, not to mention if not cleaned often, it can cause a horrible odor and pest infestations like rats and roaches. Residents will discard items into trash chutes. Many times they will discard flammable chemicals that can create a fire hazard as well as a chemical odor that is dangerous to breathe.

At Precision Cleaning Inc, we have been servicing Southwest Florida for over 40yrs now and have cleaned hundreds of trash chutes with our proven deep steam cleaning. We know the importance of a clean trash chute with regular maintenance. 


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Take advantage of detailing services to keep your whole property clean and odor free with one call you can take advantage of our full-service trash chute steam cleaning service.




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We Care About Our Land & Your Health

Pressure Washing Service Honolulu

We love Florida and we try to always go above and beyond to make sure that we protect the environment each and every time we are on a job site. With over 35yrs of experience in Southwest Florida with power cleaning / pressure cleaning, we know the right way to clean with reduced water use and reduced environmental exposure to foreign chemicals.


We Protect The Environment, Kids, Pets


We sweep up trash, debris, dirt before any job we do, if that’s trash chute cleaning, power washing or window cleaning.


Minimize the amount of water used during power washing.


We use absorbent socks to collect any hazardous waste water and properly dispose of it.


We reduce environmental exposure to foreign chemicals


Our treatment is safe for pets and children.

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